The best late-night massage parlours in Singapore

If you desperately need a rub-down in the wee hours of the night, these massage outlets will sort you out

In a cosmopolitan country such as Singapore, you can certainly bet on getting your desires satiated even after hours. Feeling hangry at 1am? Head out to a late-night supper place. How about belting out in a song or two at 3am in the morning? Numerous karaoke places open till very late. So if your personal late-night guilty pleasure is getting a shiok head-to-toe massage, you’re in luck – we have a myriad of massage parlours that open till late, some are even 24/7.


Geographically-speaking, Natureland proves to be one of the most accessible massage parlour with six outlets spread across the nation. And it helps that all parlours open till very late, with the Orchard Point branch only closing at 4am. The award-winning massage place loosens knots with a range of services, including the regular foot reflexology ($34.20 for 30 mins), a 4-in-1 Therapy ($40.65 for 30 mins) that targets the head, shoulder, neck and hand with Thai massage moves, and the thorough Body Therapy ($69.55 for an hour). For those who are sold by the wonders of ancient Chinese remedies, Natureland also offers its Tui Na treatment ($72.76 for an hour) that soothes the body and improves one’s chakra from within.

Le Spa
Raffles Place

When it comes to body pampering options, Le Spa is quite inclusive with its boast of varied massaging techniques. This includes the Le Royal Balinese body massage ($40.66 for 30 mins) and the Le Classic Swedish Retreat ($40.66 for 30 mins). There’s also the quick Le Taiwanese foot massages ($30 for 30 mins). The massage parlour is also another that employs the ancient craft of Chinese wellness with the offers of gua sha (skin scrapping) and detoxifying cupping treatments.

Herbal Footcare
Raffles Place

If your late-night shenanigans usually take place in the Orchard Road vicinity, consider concluding the revelry at Herbal Footcare – a 24/7 massage parlour. With its interior décor kept to the bare minimal, Herbal Footcare is rather plain, simple and fuss-free, where the only thing that grabs one’s attention is its massive neon-red couches. Body pampering services are without the frills as well, ranging from foot reflexology ($22 for 30mins) and body massages ($33 for 30mins) to the traditional Chinese methods of ear candling, cupping and gua sha (skin scrapping). The prices for Herbal Footcare’s services are said to be the lowest amongst the lot.

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