I am often asked by new clients how often they should have massages. A legitimate question with many complicated answers. I am going to attempt to answer this in a manner that is understandable.

Massage in the past has been viewed as a luxury that people cannot afford, until franchised spa’s started popping up everywhere. By offering massages at a discounted rate EVERYONE had the ability to get them. Until even they began to raise their rates and making people sign memberships. Then social medias like Groupon and Living Social popped up making it even easier to get massages EVERYWHERE. So people are flocking to those sites thus becoming “jumpers”. So when I am asked this question by new clients I have to wonder if they are just asking because they want to build a relationship or are they asking because they are keeping score on how many therapists give them the same response.

In order for someone to really get benefits out of massages means work on both ends. Yours and mine, we have to build a relationship of trust and respect. You have to be able to relax enough to allow your mind and body to respond to what the massage is doing for you. You have to trust me to know that I will not hurt you too much. I know that some places are tender and tight, and in order for your body to get what it needs you just have to trust me. I do feel the changes in your energy and muscle tone and I know what is hurting you more even before you say it. Also, we there is a connection between us for just a short period of time and I know as a therapist I have to stay within my boundaries of this relationship. This is where my respect for you comes into play. Now! Let me stop here!!

I am not the “normal” massage therapist. I will crack a joke to make you laugh or just say something to shift your thoughts from what we are doing. When a person concentrates too hard on trying to relax it has the adverse reaction. In your first couple of sessions I will often check in and see how the pressure feels. Not because I want to have a conversation, but because I want to give you the maximum benefit from the time we have during your massage.

Also, DEEP tissue isn’t always the best for the body! I have people who say go deeper, well let me go on record to say that your body always tells me a different story. Going deeper might not be what it is telling me. Again this is where YOU have to let your mind go and trust me to do the work needed to make your body better. Sometimes people need to have massages twice a month, sometimes they need massage weekly but rarely does a once a month work. If you really want to stop hurting as much, if you want to learn what your triggers for stress are in your body and if you really really want to obtain the maximum benefits out of your massage you will consider doing the following

  1. Find the right therapist. (no it doesn’t have to be me) and STAY with them until they no longer give you what you need. This is a long term commitment and not to be entered lightly.
  2. When you need more or less pressure TELL ME. I am not afraid of you asking for something else.
  3. Give yourself the time and energy needed to really work out the problems that you have going on.  Be honest about this.

If you want to make changes YOU have to find the time to make them and REMEMBER this didn’t happen overnight and it won’t be worked out in 1 massage. I am not a miracle worker, sorry guys I know you think I am…… but…..

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